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For larger plants, with more trained staff and resources, chlorine gas (Cl2) for chlorination and sulphur dioxide gas (SO2) for dechlorination have been popular, due to their lower bulk chemical costs and fast reaction rates. However, the high equipment costs associated with these gas based systems are typically considered to be prohibitively expensive for smaller plants. Additionally, safety concerns surrounding the storage and handling of the pressurized gas have forced some larger capacity treatment plants away from the use of gas. But such a comparison, in my view, is not really accurate. For Asimov’s fictional empire is a true colonizing power, led by corrupt, unelected officials with an all powerful Emperor at the helm. This empire indeed epitomizes the hallmarks of ancient Rome, with its hereditary leadership, few (if any) checks and balances on power, and numerous bloody palace coups. Cheap Jerseys china It would be great to catch up it’s been 6 or 7 years I think. 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