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In some cases, surgery is needed to remove the disc altogether.But now, a Canadian doctor has invented a device called the AO 1000 that he hopes will give patients another option. The device takes oxygen and turns it into ozone gas and then sends it through a needle into the herniated disc.The device’s inventor, Dr. Kieran Murphy, a radiologist with Toronto’s University Health Network, says the ozone helps shrink the disc and allows it to pull away from spinal nerves.»It interacts with a protein in the jelly centre of the disc and breaks it down into carbon dioxide and water,» he says.He adds that the entire procedure takes less than an hour and is far less expensive and risky than surgery.»It is a cheap, cost effective way of doing things that is minimally invasive,» Murphy says.Ozone disc therapy is already used in Asia and Europe, but it is still considered experimental.A 2010 meta analysis of 12 different studies and 8,000 patients found that oxygen/ozone treatment of herniated discs is an effective and «extremely safe» procedure.Now, doctors in Vancouver, Toronto and London, Ont., are testing Murphy’s device on about 90 patients.Active O, Inc., the company that owns the rights to the AO 1000 is sponsoring the trial.One of the patients helping to test the device is Greg McMillan. The finish is so slick it has to cheap nfl jerseys have something to hang on to or it will lose its grip over time. cheap jerseys Apply the top coat on the plywood edges as well. Be sure the surface is completely dry before applying another coat. B Fabrics is the family owned and family run fabric retail store that takes customer service to another level. This friendly store specializes in ladies’ fashion textiles cheap authentic jerseys and offers the largest and latest selections of high end fabrics from all over the world. You’ll find the largest online retail selection of Liberty of London cotton prints and plenty of brocade ranging from metallic to floral. However, they are often harmful to the environment (Getu, 2009). The only alternative to chemical fertilizers is the use of organic methods, which can be timely and costly, but cheap jerseys wholesale less harmful to the environment (Pimentel, Hepperly, Hanson, Douds, Seidel, 2005).In the floriculture industry, fertilizer demand is especially high due to the year round production of flowers (Hengsdijk Jansen, 2006). Dutch fertilization standards for roses cultivated under artificial light require 1,190 kilograms of nitrogen (N) per hectare, and 280 kilograms of potassium (K) (Hengsdijk Jansen, 2006).
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